Monday, August 25, 2014

What's the Matter?

We're starting to really get into science and the students are loving it. We just finished learning about the scientific method that included some exciting hands-on activities using Gobstoppers and gummy worms. We are now starting to talk about the different states of matter. Students got to experiment with oobleck (slime) last week. They discovered the unique properties of this non-Newtonian fluid. It behaves as a liquid until force or pressure is applied to it; then it acts as a solid. This is a very easy and inexpensive experiment that you can try with your children at home. All you need is some cornstarch and water (food coloring optional). You just need to use a 2:1 ratio of cornstarch to water or two parts cornstarch for every one part of water. Thoroughly mix it until you start to see and feel the mixture resisting being mixed further. This is how you know the have right consistency. The oobleck is ready to be "played" with at this point.

In math, we are working on operations with decimals. Our current standard is 6.C.2 - Compute with positive decimals fluently using a standard algorithmic approach. Students need to be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive decimals. This will set us up for our next standard which will involve using these skills in real world problems such as those that involve money.

We are off to a great start this year. Please make sure students are practicing their multiplication facts at home as much as possible. This is a great way to make the current math we are working on easier for them. Thanks for your support!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Delaware Open House

Picture representing Delaware Elementary School.Please plan on joining me at Delaware's Open House night on Thursday, August 21 from 6 - 7:30 PM. This is a great time to meet your student's teachers and sharing any thoughts or concerns that you might have regarding the upcoming school year. I always enjoy spending this night with families to learn more about my students and what expectations parents and guardians have for their children. I hope to see you this Thursday night at Delaware!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Welcome to 6th Grade!

It's hard to believe it's August already and time for school to start back up again. I'm excited to welcome a new group of students to sixth grade. I love this grade level and really enjoy teaching math and science. I will be using this website to keep you informed of important things happening in my class and at Delaware. This will include: important dates, upcoming events and field trips and what we are currently learning in math and science class, including the standard(s) being taught. Speaking of standards, Indiana has adopted brand new standards for this school year. Those can be found by following this link: 2014-15 IN Standards

The first few days of school we will be focusing on SOAR rules and procedures, learning a little bit about each other and, of course, some paperwork, netbook and locker assignments, etc. By the middle of the week we will begin learning about our first math standard of the year: 6.C.1 - Divide multi-digit whole numbers fluently using a standard algorithmic approach. In science, we will begin learning about the scientific method and why scientists use it to create credible investigations that feature well supported evidence.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about what we are doing in class. I'll do my best to keep this site updated as much as possible with current information. My goal is for you to always know what is going on in my class. An open line of communication is a great way to ensure student success and achievement. I look forward to working with both students and parents to ensure that this year is a success!

Let's make it a great year!
Mr. J