Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Is Finally Here!

Wow, what a winter - ice, snow, frigid temps and a LOT of snow days! Now that this is all behind us, we can look ahead to spring and warmer temperatures. We will also be moving onto a new unit in science and be preparing for the multiple choice part of ISTEP beginning in late April. In addition, we have some very exciting core experience field trips coming up. We will be going to visit Indiana University in Bloomington and the WonderLab Museum of Science in early May. In mid-May we will be visiting North Junior High School and students will be meeting their new homeroom teachers for next year as well as taking a tour of the school. Later in May, we will be canoeing on Pigeon Creek as part of the Canoe Evansville program with the Wesselman Nature Society. 

In math, we will continue our geometry unit, finding the surface area and volume of prisms and cylinders. We will then move onto similar shapes, translations and reflections and then unit conversions before ISTEP in late April.

In science, we are beginning a new unit on chemistry focusing on mixtures and solutions. There will be a lot of hands-on activities and experiments using the Mixtures & Solutions FOSS kit.

It is sure to be a very busy and exciting spring! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Astronomy Night

I am excited to announce that we have scheduled an Astronomy Night at Delaware School for Tuesday, March 18 beginning at 6:30 PM. 

We are finishing up our science unit on the solar system and thought it would be great if we could give our students a core experience that would tie in directly with what we have been studying here at school. Representatives from the Evansville Astronomical Society will be here with some telescopes for the students to use to view the moon, stars and hopefully the planet Jupiter! We also plan on having a few fun activities to do as well. We hope to have a great turnout, nice weather and a clear night to view the stars! We hope you will join us!