Friday, November 29, 2013

Acuity Time

It's hard to believe that Christmas is less than a month away! It's also hard to believe that we are preparing for our second Acuity math test also. We've been spending a lot of time reviewing standards that will be tested on Acuity this next week. Each student also looked at their score from the first Acuity test back in September and set goals for improvement for this next test. I asked all students to set a realistic goal for improvement for this second Acuity test. I plan on rewarding all students that meet their goals and show improvement on this second test. We plan on taking the math section of the Acuity test on Tuesday, December 3rd. Please get plenty of sleep Monday night and eat a good breakfast Tuesday morning. I want every student to show what they know and rock Acuity!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Force & Motion... Newton & Galileo

In science, students will be learning about force and motion. Students will be learning about Newton and Galileo and why their discoveries about how objects move and react in the universe is so important to our everyday lives here on Earth. We will be conducting hands-on science experiments and focusing on note booking while conducting these experiments. Students will be forming a question and a prediction prior to starting the activity or experiment. Students will then record their observations during the experiment. Following the experiment, students will be forming a conclusion and then reflecting on what happened during the experiment.

Expressions & Exponents

We will begin learning about expressions and exponents in the next few weeks in math. We will begin by reviewing order of operations (PEMDAS) and basic expressions. Students will then learn about exponents and how to evaluate them as part of an expression. From here, we will be introducing expressions with variables in them and asking students to solve for missing values in tables and to plot the pairs of values on the coordinate plane.