Thursday, January 22, 2015

Solar System Exploration

We have started a new unit in science: Earth & Space Science. Students will be learning all about the Earth, Sun, moon and the planets. Students are currently working on a web quest and Google presentation to learn more about our solar system and the relationships between the planets, sun and moon and the force that keeps them in a regular and predictable motion. Once the weather breaks and we are able to get outside, we will be doing some hands-on activities and observing the sun and moon and what affect they have on the Earth. As a culminating activity to this unit, we hope to have a local astronomical group come in one evening in March and bring some telescopes to allow our students to get a close-up view of some stars and planets! The Evansville Astronomical Society visited last March and the students loved it. We had activities in the cafeteria and then two giant telescopes out in the courtyard. Students were able to see Jupiter's rings, distant stars and even another galaxy! We hope to be able to bring them back once again this year to give the students this amazing opportunity to see the stars and planets they've been researching up close!